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Our in-house engineering design team at CABLENET has the ability to work from the earliest stages of our customer’s idea to a fully executed drawing. Our experienced engineers are ready to work with your engineers in the design process, or have the capability to create a design based upon your specifications.


CABLENET serves as a manufacturing partner, working with our customer to ensure the transition from concept to full production will be seamless and without interruption. Our design engineers can also recommend upgrades or redesigns to existing products in order to improve performance or reduce manufacturing costs.


CABLENET’s prototyping service assists with layout, component selection, and design, based upon your specifications. We can develop an accurate cost model in order to provide preliminary cost data and pricing.


Our state-of-the-art facility is utilized to manufacture and certify products specified to our customer’s requirements.


Quality is the foundation of our company. Every product is tested and certified to ensure quality and compliance to customer requirements.

We ensure zero defect quality through a statistically monitored and controlled manufacturing process and trained technical staff. We perform physical and performance-related testing of all products. Final products may be shipped with an As-Built Package, containing test reports, certification, and all documents relevant to the project.

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