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September 26th, 2017
Centennial, Colorado

CABLENET Achieves GREEN Cyber rating from Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Cablenet is pleased to announce that effective August 30th, 2017, Cablenet achieved a NIST 800-171 rating of GREEN, certifying Cablenet information systems are compliant with Lockheed Martin and US Government Subcontractor Cyber security guidelines. Cablenet is pleased to have achieved this level of security compliance 6 months prior to the US Government December 2017 deadline. The compliance also insures Cablenet information systems are capable of protecting sensitive third-party information, such as Lockheed Martin subcontract information, per current US supplier system regulations.

Cablenet is dedicated to protecting our customers information and to taking all steps necessary to protect sensitive customer & supplier information. Cablenet will continue to be diligent in assuring our customers information assets are protected.

CABLENET has long provided engineering and manufacturing services providing custom electrical test equipment and test fixtures for our customers. CABLENET has been servicing the Aerospace industry since 1990 with superior engineering and design. Our primary commitment has always been to provide our customers with the highest quality product at the lowest cost.

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